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    NOTE: Currently we are trying to focus CageZilla on MMA and Boonch and TCB on Muay Thai and Glory Rules. We have included other options to register for, including Boxing, Sanda, Kick Boxing/K1 and Grappling/BJJ. We are currently co-promoting with other boxing and grappling events and may do the same for kick boxing and sanda or may start our own separate promotions depending on demand and availability.

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    Tips for Submitting Fight Pics

    Ideal Fight Pic

    Arms folded, background contrasts skin tone, lighting and clothes

    Too White/Light

    Background too light, washes out highlights on arms

    Too Black/Dark

    Background too dark, blends with clothes and hair

    Too Busy

    Background is too busy, is harder to crop background out

    *FREE Gold Memberships are only for members that participate in an event with us or have participated in an event with us in the past.

    Gold Memberships include all standard archived content from OO, CZ, TCB and WSP Events when available including:

    • One time $10 discount on any purchase in shop over $20 for subscribing
    • 5% discount*
    • Access to member archives 2 months or older

    *discount good for anything in shop with minimum $20 spend
    Subscription will auto-renew unless cancelled prior to the applicable renewal
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